Hey there!

I'm Chelsea, the girl behind the camera!

As a mom of two growing children, I find myself looking at old photos several times a week. Whether it be by flashbacks on social media or just to see how much my children have grown. I find myself always caught up in the past of our photos. My oldest, loves to look at them with me and soon I'm sure my youngest will too. You know one thing my daughter always comments on? The memory. You know what she doesn't ever mention, the crazy hair, the lazy pajama day, or the lack of makeup. She'll recall those moments, those perfectly imperfect moments.

Sometimes you forget there's a camera around during extraordinary moments- and that's where I come in. I give families like yours a reminder of the moments you have shared in life. And that is something that can't always be captured in a selfie.

From North to South, I capture life.

I am a South Carolina transplant and Pennsylvania native. I was the child who always obsessed over taking pictures. As I got older I continued to love capturing the moment, but I had another passion, helping people. So I set my sights on being a radiography technologist and set the camera down. I loved the work, the people, and the sense of making a difference. When we moved I was torn between staying at home and raising our young children or going back into the work force.

I chose to stay home, which allowed me to pick the camera back up and capture my children growing day by day. Then one day I was thinking, why cant I continue to help make a difference. So I put on my thinking cap and thought 'What can I bring to the table to help others?' It became clear, to capture those moments people will forever cherish.

With total support from my family I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone , open a thriving business, and I haven't looked back since.

Meet the Girl Behind the Camera

I've told you why I started this adventure and want to bring you along with me, but there's always things to learn.

  • I am an avid reader when I am not editing or chasing my children.
  • My furbabies are my kids too.
  • Coffee is life. (I will die on this hill)
  • I have a mad obsession with coconut flavor & Crime Podcast.
  • I love to travel and try to frequently.
  • Family is key.
  • I prefer mountains and lakes to beaches.
  • I've got a strong competitive streak
  • I love trying new things and encourage my children to as well.

If the photo roll on your phone, in your google photos, or social media memories is filled with candid shots of your kids but you are missing from them, we should talk.